Working with No Children

Below we have created a table which shows how much you have expect to receive for tax credits if you have no children. The amounts are based on the entire year (the tax year starts on the 6th April and ends on 5th April of the following year). If you are a couple, the annual income should be your joint annual income.

The amount that the government provides for working tax credits often changes. We can not be held responsible for updating this website, because of this we advise that you seek professional help or confirmation from HMRC before making any decisions based on this data. If you have any questions about how the government’s changes to working will affect you, please them in the comments below and we will do our best to get back to you.

Annual income (£) You’re single aged 25 or over working 30 or more hours a week You’re in a couple aged 25 or over working 30 or more hours a week
9,500 1,445 3,400
10,000 1,240 3,195
11,000 830 2,785
12,000 420 2,375
13,000 10 1,965
14,000 0 1,555
15,000 0 1,145
16,000 0 735
17,000 0 325
18,000 0 0

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