The Best Employee Retention Credit Companies

May 1, 2024
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Are you in need of assistance from companies specializing in ERC tax refund credits? The best professional providers of ERC can offer comprehensive support, including guidance on how to fill out every required document, calculating accurate amounts, and submitting the appropriate data to the Internal Revenue Service.

If you haven’t yet claimed the credit, there’s no need to worry. It’s still possible to obtain ERTC (Employee Retention Credit) and secure the tax refund. However, why bother with all the legwork on your own when you can choose a firm that has expertise in ERC-related matters to help you file?

Certain businesses work on percentage based fees, such as form filling, submission of paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and accurate mathematical calculations. It’s important to remember the significant benefits at stake, with the potential to receive $26,000 for each retained worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds can accumulate quickly. Now, let’s delve into the essentials about the leading companies that can guide you in obtaining the ERC funds you rightfully deserve.

Continue reading to discover the most professional and trusted ERC providers that can effectively assist you.

What Type of ERC Firms Can Help Me File?

Don’t waste time guessing or drowning yourself in ERC paperwork when trying to secure the funds you rightfully deserve. Instead, turn to a qualified and professional company that has the expertise and experience to help you retroactively claim your credit.

When it comes to finding a best ERTC company, there are various options to consider. Here are some of the key choices:

– Law Offices
– Certified Public Accounting Firms (CPAs)
– Payroll Tax Firms
– ERC tax specialists

Filing for the ERC can be a complex process using Form 941-X from the IRS. However, completing the 941-X form is very complex and confusing to many, so it’s a major hassle. In addition, accurately calculating your ERC refund amount is almost equally challenging.

Continue reading to explore our comprehensive list, rating the best ERC funding providers specifically tailored for small-medium sized companies.

Who is the Best ERC Company?

Obtaining your ERC refund has become more accessible than ever with the help of these premier service providers. Leading the way are ERC Specialists, Omega Accounting, and ERC Today. These prominent companies are known for their outstanding client support, fast processing, and a range of invaluable resources aimed at helping business owners to secure the ERC Credit with retroactive filing.

1.) ERC Specialists

ERC Specialists is a specialized company that focuses on ERTC tax credit refunds and have proven competence with their track record of obtaining maximum refunds for their clients. Their team possesses in-depth knowledge of ERC program and expertise in the payroll taxes. The application process offered by ERC Specialists is designed to be fast and straightforward, eliminating any guesswork associated with the ERC application process.


  • Straight forward and quick application process
  • Complimentary analysis to determine eligibility
  • Significant discounts available when you pay fees upfront


  • Potential delays in receiving telephone support

Refund Process Overview:

ERC Specialists follows a comprehensive five stage application procedure. It begins with completing their website questionnaire and assess eligibility. Next, you provide basic data and payroll records, including details about PPP (Payroll Protection Program) loans if it’s applicable. The ERC Specialists’ team conducts a thorough review and expert analysis of the provided information, resulting in a waiting period of approximately 2-4 weeks to examine documents. Once approved, they will provide the necessary paperwork for submitting the finalized paperwork. ERC Specialists takes care of all IRS filing requirements and maintains constant communication with the appropriate government bodies throughout the process.

Fee Structure:

There is no cost associated with determining eligibility. If you pass the qualification, ERC Specialists will charge a percentage fee ranging from 10% to 15% of the total amount you receive in the refund, in line with industry standards. Choosing 10% rate and paying upfront offers the potential for a refund if your refund is withheld by the IRS, in a worst case scenario.

Average Processing Time for Refunds:

ERC refund applications typically undergo a processing period of 2 to 8 months. However, it’s important to note that potential delays may occur due to backlogs at the IRS.

Why Choose ERC Specialists?

We selected ERC Specialists for their dedication to maximizing the ERC tax refunds for their clientele. Their specialization in refunds sets them apart, with claims of securing 20% to 40% higher refund amounts compared to their competitors. With their expertise and focus, ERC Specialists can provide exceptional service and help you obtain the maximum benefit from the ERC program.

2.) Omega Accounting

Omega Accounting stands out as on the the top ERC firms on this list. One of their notable features is offering bridge loans to compensate for the potentially lengthy customer refund processing times, which can take up to a year. With a track record of helping over 2,000 customers, Omega Accounting provides advance payments on refunds, allowing businesses to access instantaneous cash infusions if they need it.


  • Expertise in amended document filing and preparation
  • Secure and user-friendly application process
  • Availability of ERTC loans for immediate cash payments


  • Lack of transparency regarding pricing

Refund Process Overview

The initial step for their clients is completing a short application form on their website. Within approximately 15 minutes, you will be contacted by a representative. If you pass qualifying standards for an ERTC refund, the following step consists of uploading the necessary documents and information through a secure portal on their site. Once Omega Accounting receives all the required materials, their team will commence work on your quarterly amended return filing. The final step involves receiving your refund payment in check form, sent by the IRS.

Fee Structure

For specific pricing information regarding ERC refunds, it is recommended to get in touch with Omega representatives directly, as they do not disclose their costs online.

Average Processing Time for Refunds:

Omega’s representatives strive to expedite client refunds from ERC, similar to other top firms in the industry. However, it’s important to note that potential delays related to the IRS may result in a waiting period of one year (usually less) to receive the funds. Nevertheless, Omega Accounting can offer you a bridge advance loan to ERC filers, providing the opportunity for quick cash access. Interested clients should contact a representative from Omega to find out more details on obtaining this type of loan.

Why Choose Omega Accounting?

We selected Omega Accounting for their innovative approach of offering bridge loans to overcome slow processing times by the IRS. Instead of sitting around waiting, businesses can gain much needed instant cash access. For qualifying small businesses, an ERC bridge loan offers an efficient and streamlined pathway for relieving any current financial pressure you are experiencing.

3.) ERC Today

ERC Today stands out by providing customers with a quick and straightforward process to claim their ERC tax funds. What’s even better is that they offer a fee-free assessment to determine your eligibility for the tax refund. With a focus on efficiency, ERC Today ensures the swift submission of your IRS paperwork. Their web portal for clients is secure, and they provide dedicated client service and support, which contributes to their consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.


  • Dedicated customer support with assigned representatives
  • Streamlined application process for convenience
  • Complimentary eligibility analysis to assess qualification


  • Lack of transparency regarding pricing

Refund Process Overview

To initiate ERC Today’s refund program, interested customers can easily complete a concise application on their official website. This initial step allows business owners to promptly assess their eligibility for ERC tax credits. Upon qualification, ERC Today assigns a dedicated service contact who provides comprehensive guidance throughout the entire application process.

The overall procedure is designed to be streamlined, facilitating the effortless submission of tax forms and relevant documentation. ERC Today maintains complete transparency, ensuring that applicants are consistently updated at each stage of the process. As per ERC Today, the majority of filed applications are typically submitted within approximately two weeks. Once processed, eligible applicants receive their refund check by mail after the IRS processing period.

Fee Structure

ERC Today offers a complimentary initial analysis to determine your eligibility. If you utilize their services, the company retains a percentage fee that is based on a the total refund amount. However, ERC Today does not disclose the specifics of their pricing structure.

Average Processing Time for Refunds

Total processing time can vary significantly, ERC Today possesses a track record in achieving turnaround times of one to two weeks for certain cases. It is important to note: After the application is submitted, the Internal Revenue Service typically takes 4-6 months for processing in most instances.

Why Choose ERC Today?

We chose ERC Today for their efficient processing of ERC documents, setting a high industry standard for accuracy and speed. Their ability to file some claims within a week demonstrates their commitment to providing swift and accurate service.

4.) Innovation Refunds

Innovation Refunds distinguishes itself by offering dedicated customer-support specialists for ERC refund cases. Their team comprises qualified CPAs and taxation lawyers who provide exceptional assistance throughout the refund process. They offer support in submitting claims, managing audits, and determining eligibility for the ERC tax credit.


  • Payment is only required upon receiving the refund.
  • Dedicated specialists specifically trained in ERC refunds.
  • Audit protection is available for added peace of mind.


  • Rates may be higher compared to other service providers.

Refund Process Overview:

Qualifying for a refund with Innovation Refunds is a quick and straightforward process, typically taking no more than 10 minutes. After providing basic qualification information and essential business data, you submit the necessary claim documentation. Once Innovation Refunds receives all the required information, they will proceed with filing the ERC claim on your behalf.

Fee Structure:

Innovation Refunds offers a complimentary refund analysis to determine your eligibility for the ERC. If you choose to proceed with their services, there are no upfront charges, and all fees are transparent. The ERC refund fee is set at 25% of the total refund amount.

Average Processing Time for Refunds:

The processing time for ERC refunds can vary, but Innovation Refunds typically completes the process within 4 to 5 months, aligning with the average timeline set by the IRS.

Why Choose Innovation Refunds?

We selected Innovation Refunds for their commitment to accuracy and promptness in filing claims. Their dedicated customer-support agents guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth experience. Additionally, their provision of tax attorneys for potential IRS audits and comprehensive audit protection offer valuable additional safeguards for their clients.

5.) Stentam

For businesses seeking assistance with ERC refunds and other tax refund credits, Stentam is a reliable choice. They specialize in estimating eligibility for tax credits such as the Work Opportunity and R&D Tax Credit. With a track record of obtaining over $3.6 billion for 4,000 clients or more, Stentam is dedicated to helping businesses determine their eligibility for various tax refunds.


  • Protection in the amount of $1 million per filing
  • Secure and easy application process
  • Assistance with other available credits


  • Lack of transparency regarding pricing

Refund Process Overview

To get started, Stentam provides a short online form for initial assessment. A company representative will then reach out to determine if you qualify. If you pass eligibility requirements, they will guide you through filling out necessary documents using a secure, safe online portal. After they collect all the necessary information, they will amend the returns and submit the files on your behalf. After that, you can expect to receive a refund check by mail.

Fee Structure:

For detailed pricing information, it is advisable to contact Stentam directly as they do not disclose it online. They provide a secure form on their website for clients who wish to initiate the process.

Average Processing Time for Refunds:

While it may take upwards of one year to receive ERC funds, Stentam doesn’t disclose their internal process for filings or the time required for completing ERC filings. For specific details about the refund processing time, it is recommended to reach out to a company representative directly.

Why Choose Stentam?

We chose Stentam for their expertise in identifying various tax credits, in addition to ERC refunds. They have successfully obtained substantial amounts for clients and can assist businesses in claiming credits such as the Research and Development credit and the Workers Opportunity Tax Credit. With their proven track record, they offer valuable support in maximizing tax benefits for eligible businesses.

What To Consider When Selecting ERTC Providers

When considering ERC funding companies, it is important to carefully evaluate the following aspects before making a decision:

  1. Transparent Fee Structure: Choose a company that provides clear and transparent information about their fees.
  2. Excellent Customer Support: Look for a company that offers exceptional customer support to address any concerns or questions.
  3. Secure Document Submission: Ensure that the company provides a secure portal for submitting necessary documents.
  4. Competitive Fees: Select a company that offers fees that are competitive within the industry.
  5. Regular Status Updates: Opt for a company whose representatives provide timely updates on the status of your ERTC application.
  6. Knowledgeable Team: Consider a company that has a skilled and knowledgeable team with expertise in ERC.
  7. Positive Customer Reviews: Verify that the company has client reviews to gauge their reputation and reliability.
  8. Free Analysis: Prioritize companies that offer a free analysis to determine your eligibility for an ERC refund.
  9. User-Friendly Online Application: Choose a company that provides a simple online application process.

Note: It is crucial to be cautious of potential scammers in the ERC funding space. The IRS warns about non-legitimate companies. Scammers often make false promises of large refunds and encourage unqualified individuals to submit a ERC application. Engaging with such entities can lead to significant fees, penalties, and the obligation to repay any falsely obtained funds.

Take proactive measures to select a legitimate and reputable Employee Retention Credit provider. Additionally, carefully review all information submitted by the company to the IRS (before final document submission) to ensure accuracy and avoid false claims.


To ensure a wise choice in choosing between ERC funding companies, it is advisable to exclusively engage with reputable and trustworthy firms that possess the necessary expertise to successfully claim ERC without encountering any issues, penalties, fees, or legal complications. While it is possible to independently file for the ERC to retain the entire refund amount, it is important to note that this process can be laborious and susceptible to extreme and irreversible errors.

Hopefully this article has provided valuable insights. If you’re interested in determining your eligibility for the ERC, we encourage you to visit the websites of the respective companies to initiate a complimentary evaluation.

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