Editorial Guidelines

At TaxCredits, we specialize in the intricacies of US federal tax credits, offering our readers authoritative and insightful content that supports their financial and business objectives. We’re all about breaking down the complex world of tax credits into clear, actionable information.

How We Serve You

At TaxCredits, we’re here to simplify every corner of the US federal tax credits universe. Whether you’re a parent looking for ways to save on child tax credit, a student figuring out education credits, a homeowner interested in energy-saving credits, or a business owner seeking to lower your tax bill, we’ve got something for you. Here’s how we break things down:

  • Wide-Ranging Topics: We don’t limit ourselves. From the well-known Earned Income Tax Credit to lesser-known gems for small businesses, we cover the entire range. If it can save you money on your taxes, we’re talking about it.
  • Easy-to-Understand Guides: Our articles and guides are your map through the tax credit confusing world. We ditch the tax speak for plain English, making sure you get the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ without needing to look up terms.
  • Expert Insights: Accuracy is king. Our team of tax professionals and industry insiders contribute their expertise, providing insider tips and validating our guides to ensure you’re getting reliable and up-to-date advice.
  • Continual Updates: The only constant in tax law is change. We continuously update our resources to include the latest in tax credits, ensuring you’re always getting the most current information.
  • Real-World Examples: We know every dollar counts. That’s why our content is packed with practical examples and case studies. We show you real scenarios where tax credits have made a difference, giving you ideas on how to apply them to your own situation.

Our Process

To give you the best advice on tax credits, we’ve got to be on top of our game. Here’s how we make sure every piece of information we share is solid, useful, and as fresh as your morning coffee:

  • Hunting Down the Data: We start with a deep dive into official sources like IRS announcements, government reports, and trusted news outlets. We’re like detectives, looking for clues that lead us to the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Talking to the Pros: We don’t rely on just reading; we also chat with experts. This means tax attorneys, certified public accountants (CPAs), and even the folks who’ve successfully claimed these credits before. If they have insights that can help you, we’re on it.
  • Keeping It Current: Tax laws can change with the wind, and we’re always watching the horizon. Whether it’s a minor update or a major overhaul, we refresh our content to make sure what you’re reading today is as accurate tomorrow.
  • Learning from You: Feedback from our readers is golden. When you ask questions, point out something new, or even highlight an error, we get right on it. This two-way street keeps us sharp and our content relevant.
  • Cross-Checking Everything: Before any fact makes it to you, it goes through a series of checks and rechecks. We compare sources against each other to ensure what we present is not just true, but also the most complete picture we can provide.

Editorial Process and Quality Standards

Our dedicated team of editors and a team of expert contributors are the brains behind the informative and insightful articles you find on TaxCredits. While we don’t guide you on buying, selling, or holding specific financial assets, we equip you with the necessary analysis, background, insights, and educational material to help you make well-informed decisions. 

We strive to simplify complex tax topics by providing clear examples and practical scenarios, making the intricate world of tax credits more accessible.

Continual improvement is key to our approach. Our editorial team actively monitors our database of content to identify and flag any pieces that contain outdated information. Identified articles undergo a rigorous review and, if needed, a comprehensive rewrite to ensure they meet our current standards of accuracy and relevance. 

This process involves the expertise of our experienced contributors who adhere strictly to our editorial standards. Once an article is updated, we make it a point to add a date mark, indicating the freshness of the information.

Moreover, the journey from an idea to the published article involves a multidisciplinary team, all working together to ensure each piece meets our high standards of responsibility, accuracy, clarity, utility, and alignment with our editorial ethos.

Our editorial team proactively approves all story concepts, referring them to expert contributors who bring a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields. This group of professionals, along with our skilled editors, thorough fact-checkers, and experienced editors, thoroughly reviews each piece of content. 

Their collective effort is to certify that our outputs not only empower and include but also remain impartial and precise, mirroring our commitment to empowering, inclusive, unbiased, and accurate reporting.


At TaxCredits, we believe in being upfront about our mistakes, whether they’re big or small. If we get something wrong, we’re committed to letting you know and fixing it. This promise covers everything we publish, from the small details to the big stories, but only if we messed up when we first put the information out there. 

Whenever we make a correction, we’ll make sure it’s easy for you to spot on our page.

Sometimes, we might have the right facts but didn’t explain them as clearly or thoroughly as we should have. 

In cases like this, we might polish up the wording or add more details without making a big announcement about it. Found a mistake or something confusing? We want to hear about it. Just drop us a line at corrections@taxcredits.net, and we’ll jump on it.

Our Commitment to You

TaxCredits is more than just a website; we’re your partner in exploring tax credits. Our guidelines aren’t just rules; they’re a reflection of our dedication to providing value and integrity.

No matter if you’re just starting to explore tax credits or you’re on the hunt for complex tax-saving strategies, we’re here to guide you. By adhering to these principles, we aim not only to inform but also empower our readers, helping them navigate the complexities of Federal tax credits with confidence.

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