California Film & TV Tax Credits at Risk Amid Proposed Ballot Initiative

June 12, 2024
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California’s successful entertainment industry is bracing for potential setbacks as a proposed ballot threatens to alter the state’s lucrative film and TV tax credit program

The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act seeks to raise the threshold for passing tax increases. It requires voter approval for state tax hikes, which could have butterfly effects on the creative economy.

At the heart of the issue is SB 132, a bill passed overwhelmingly by the legislature last year that extends film tax credits for five years from 2025, allotting $330 million annually. However, if the proposed initiative passes, SB 132 could be voided, as the measure seeks to cancel tax increases that do not meet the new requirements dating back to January 1, 2022.

Colleen Bell, the head of the California Film Commission, has sounded the alarm, warning of ominous consequences for the state’s entertainment sector if the initiative succeeds. 

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Opponents of the measure argue that these are merely scare tactics, insisting that the current and future film and TV tax credits will remain unaffected.

On the other hand, supporters like Rob Lapsley from the California Business Roundtable dismiss these concerns as mere scare tactics, emphasizing the importance of ensuring accountability in tax increases.

As the Secretary of State prepares to finalize the ballot by June 27, negotiations between the opposing parties have yet to progress significantly. Unions have taken a strong stance against the initiative, warning of potential industry ruin and massive job losses should it pass.

The stakes are high for California’s entertainment industry, which is already dealing with declining film and TV production as other states offer more attractive tax incentives. 

The outcome of this ballot measure could impact the state’s ability to retain and attract production, ultimately affecting the livelihoods of countless individuals working in the creative sector.

As the debate intensifies, all eyes are on the upcoming ballot, with the future of California’s film and TV tax credits hanging in the balance. Voters’ decisions will shape the state’s entertainment landscape and affect the broader economy, making this a critical moment for the industry and its stakeholders.

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