Top 10 R&D Tax Credit Specialists for Your Business

June 6, 2024
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Did you know that companies that engage in research and development can claim a dollar-for-dollar reduction in tax liability for particular expenses? According to the Tax Foundation, this tax benefit has prompted companies to slowly increase their long-term research plans. $1 of research and development would return up to $4 in the future.

Because of the possible impact R&D tax credits have on businesses, they need to work with good R&D tax credit specialists. We’ll discuss the best tax experts who can help companies create a solid tax credit study for this tax claim.

Top 10 R&D Tax Credit Specialist

When tapping specialists for their tax credit services, companies need to work with tried and tested companies that can maximize their claims. Some states have a unique tax credit program, so choosing a specialist familiar with one’s state tax credits is essential. To make this search easier, we’ve compiled ten of the best tax credit specialists qualified businesses can work with.

1. Swanson Reed


Swanson Reed

Swanson Reed employs certified public accountants with specialist R&D expertise. This tax credit specialist uses a six-eye costing review to provide clients with tax credit calculations. Swanson Reed is certified to the ISO31000:2009 Risk Management standard and offers various services, including R&D eligibility assessments, R&D tax credit preparation, audit advisory, substantiation management consulting, DIY R&D claims, and R&D tax incentives worldwide.

Damian J. Smyth has led Swanson Reed since 2013. While Swanson Reed doesn’t publish its fees, they claim that their fees are competitive.

Swanson Reed has several offices nationwide, such as Chicago, Nashville, Denver, Huntsville, Detroit, and St. Louis. This research and development tax credit expert covers all facets of the claim process for companies’ convenience.




PMBA is a company of specialty tax experts that can help companies with federal, state, and local tax advisory and technology implementation. This company’s edge is that it uses TaxCertHub, a special proprietary exception certification software.

PMBA is led by CEO and Managing Director Chris Vignone. Another thing that makes PMBA different is that it claims that if it can’t provide the necessary solution for a client’s need, it refers them to its network.

With over 25 years of experience, PMBA is based in New York and can cater to businesses of all sizes. In addition to R&D tax credits, PMBA can help companies claim business asset recovery, state and local tax, and federal tax claims.

3. PwC



PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is an internationally acclaimed company that offers research and development tax credit services, among other offerings. This specialist combines its R&D tax knowledge with Global Incentives Solutions, an innovative web application designed to efficiently and effectively identify research expenses worldwide.

In the US, Paul Griggs leads the team. The team has received mixed reviews. According to G2, the team displays strategic planning, sufficient source allocation, and not just guidance but also hands-on support and cooperation. However, there are claims that it tends to overwork its workforce. PwC doesn’t publish its rates online.

What makes PwC unique as an expert on research and development tax credits is its global perspective. Aside from maximizing state and federal tax credits, they can help companies with global research to maximize tax claims. PwC has 79 offices across the country for businesses’ convenience.

4. Tax Point Advisors


Tax Point Advisors

Founded by Jeffrey Feingold, Tax Point Advisors markets itself as a national expert with a local touch. This R&D tax credit specialist provides solutions and services such as state tax credits, federal R&D tax credits, and payroll tax and employment credits and incentives.

Tax Point Advisors stands out because of its fixed fee and unique pricing model. It ensures each client gets multiple visits to ensure all aspects of the R&D tax credits are covered. Tax Point Advisors has six offices across the country.

5. Acena Consulting


Acena Consulting

Acena Consulting is an R&D tax credit expert who has generated millions in credits to help businesses lower their tax burden and increase their financial health through the years. This specialist provides a customized approach for each client by developing and implementing personalized strategies to capture qualifying research expenditures.

Acena Consulting is led by Randall Eickhoff. According to their clients, Acena Consulting has made the process way less painful, and they were extremely surprised by how much taxes they got back. The company doesn’t publish its rates online.

Acena Consulting is based in California and caters to CPA firms, financial service firms, and business owners. It offers free tools companies can explore before deciding to work with it.

6. Strike Tax


Strike Tax

Strike Tax is a company that enables all businesses to maximize tax incentives, like R&D tax credits, with no out-of-pocket costs. This specialist has worked with over 800 companies nationwide and has calculated over $200 million worth of tax credits.

Strike Tax, founded and run by Jonathan Cardella, is a company with over 40 years of experience. It is known for answering clients’ uncertainties and helping them complete everything.

Strike Tax’s edge is that it doesn’t charge any upfront costs. Companies only pay once credits are successfully delivered. Moreover, it offers unlimited audit support with a 100% fee-back guarantee. Although Strike Tax is based in Idaho, it can cater to companies nationwide.

7. Massie Tax Credits


Massie Tax Credits

Massie is an R&D tax credit expert who offers the unique MASSIE method, which makes the tax credit documentation, preparation, and filing processes easier for clients. MASSIE is an award-winning company that provides various services related to R&D tax credits.

MASSIE is led by its founder and president, Jason Massie. According to reviews on its website, MASSIE is highly recommended to anyone looking for a partner who underpromises but over-delivers.

Its unique MASSIE method makes Massie one of the industry’s best R&D tax credit specialists. This method involves three phases: architecture phase, SME interaction, and tax department.




KBKG is another reputable R&D tax credit specialist who has helped companies obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits. In addition to R&D tax credit calculations, KBKG can assist companies with other tax credit needs.

KBKG is led by its CEO, Gian Pazzia. According to testimonials published on its website, KBKG helps serve clients in a better way with great loyalty. KBKG doesn’t publish its rates online.

KBKG understands how complicated tax laws can be and employs rusted IRS experts, CPAs, and accounting professionals. The company also provides a free preliminary analysis to help clients determine if it’s the right partner for tax credit needs. With its headquarters based in California, KBKG has several offices nationwide.

9. AndreTaxCo



AndreTaxCo is a tax credit company assisting clients with federal and state tax incentives. This company generally provides no-cost assessments and is considered one of the best tax advisors in the country.

The company was founded by Kirk Andre. The company has worked with a wide array of industries, but there are no reviews published online about the company. It also doesn’t disclose its rates.

With its headquarters in Washington, AndreTax Co has offices nationwide. Aside from its superior value, working with this company is so enticing because of its flexible, deliverable work product, strategic coaching, and sustainable benefits.

10. TaxRobot



TaxRobot is an AI-powered R&D tax credit software that makes it efficient for companies to claim their tax credits. It can help businesses determine their credit amount through three simple steps: provide one’s information, link one’s systems, and receive refunds.

TaxRobot is fast, accurate, and efficient. It’s true experts guide clients through the process. The company has helped companies claim over $20 million in credits.

TaxRobot offers value-based pricing, which means companies don’t have to pay if they don’t receive a credit. It can help businesses save time and obtain bigger refunds. The company is headquartered in Texas, but companies only need the app to get started.

How to Choose the Right R&D Tax Credit Specialist?

Before a company engages a particular tax credit specialist, it must consider various factors. Businesses can refer to a quick guide before choosing the right partner.

Assess your Company’s Specific Needs and Goals

What does your company intend to attain through this tax credit? Do you want to make the biggest return possible or plan to expand your R&D efforts in the future? You need to consider this factor when choosing a partner.

Consider the Specialist’s Industry Expertise and Experience

How long has the specialist been handling R&D tax credit claims? A company’s experience gives people insight into how well-versed it is regarding tax credit regulations. It would also be ideal if you worked with a company with experience working with other companies in your industry.

Evaluate the Range of Services Offered

What kind of services does the company offer? While it’s attractive to work with companies with a wide range of services, it’s more vital to work with one that provides the services the business needs. You can get a general idea through browsing the specialist’s website.

Review the Specialist’s Reputation and Client Testimonials

What do clients have to say about the company’s services? Their experience can give you an idea of what you can expect while working with them. Aside from browsing their website for testimonials, it would help if you also researched reviews online.

Assess Communication Skills and Responsiveness

What is it like to work with the company? Companies can spare themselves from a lot of stress and headaches by working with professional and responsive experts. Right from the start, you can tell how easy a company is to work with by their communication.

Compare Pricing and Value for Money

How much does the specialist charge? You need to determine the company’s pricing and if it’s within your price range. Ideally, you should confer with various experts to find the best value for money.

Claim R&D Tax Credits Today

At the end of the day, you need to determine if the company can help address your business’s unique needs. You must think long-term: which specialist can help you maximize this tax claim in the long run? While it’s tempting to calculate the tax credit by yourself, it would be ideal to work with experts and tax credit consultants who can walk the talk. You can avoid possible issues with expert help.

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